Hurry Up !!! Admissions Open For Year 2022 – 23!New Kids Foundation School team is wishing you a very Happy New Year - 2022!Hurry Up !!! Admissions Open For Year 2022 – 2023!Click Here To Apply!!!Hurry Up !!! Admissions Open For Year 2022 – 23!Click Here To Apply!!!

Who We Are

Established in 2010, by Nand Kishor Panday, New Kids Foundation Schools Network has, from the very beginning been focussed driven and motivated by the traditional Indian values of honesty, integrity and service. With over 10 years of experience within the …

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Lessons thats sparks Creativity

Everything is possible. The impossible just takes longer.

Music Class

Enhance your child’s development and love of music through song, dance, movement games and instruments. With an array of styles, our music classes

Active Learning

Active learning is “a method of learning in which students are actively or experientially involved in the learning process and where there are different levels of active

Yoga Class

Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. There is a broad variety of Yoga schools, practices, and goals in

Our vision statement

At New Kids Foundation School you will:

  • Be Positive

    Become a positive, creative thinker and resourceful problem solver

  • Be Confident

    Be confident and able to challenge yourself to be the best that you can be

  • Be Responsible

    See yourself as a global citizen with a responsibility to help create a better future for yourself and others

  • Be Adaptable

    Be adaptable and have the skills to be a successful life-long learner in an ever changing world

  • Build Caring Community

    Belong to a caring community where everyone enjoys learning together and celebrating success

  • Understand Emotions

    Understand your own emotions and show kindness, empathy and tolerance towards others

Annual Exam Program

Final Examination Program For Year 2018-19 & Schedules

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Our Gurus

Get super power with super gurus